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One Less Chair At Christmas

kim-jong-namOh no, not Kim Jong-nam, the oldest bro of Kim Jong Un is no more. Seems our favourite little Disney loving Kim Jong has been murdered in spectacular fashion at a Malaysian airport.
Two alleged North Korean female assassins sprayed an unknown toxic chemical from a fountain pen (so 1970s) in his face as he waited for his flight. This apparently isn’t the first time his younger bro has tried to bump him off.  Nam is the oldest and, in theory, the true leader of North Korea which Kim Jong Un has never been happy about. He was the product of  Kim Jong-il’s affair with South Korean-born actress Song Hye-rim, but fell out of favour when he was caught trying to sneak into Japan under a false identity to visit Disneyland. Since then he has lived in exile trying to avoid his erratic brother. RIP fun loving Jong.


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Kim Jong-Um DEAD????

The rumors of King Jong Um’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Damn you Twitter. For a few hours rumors were tweeting that North Korea’s new dictator leader, Kim Jong Um had been assassinated in Beijing. Seems it was a case of Chinese whispers, he’s still live and kicking. Move on nothing to see here!!!!

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So Who’s The Kingpin Now?

Oh boy, the top mafia boss in Montreal, Nicolo Rizzuto, has been bumped off and it has all the signs of a hit. The  86 year old Sicilian born immigrant was shot while standing at a window  in his mansion. It is believed the sniper was lying in wait in a wooded area.  Sheez, at 86 why friggin bother? Rizzuto had been actively involved in organized crime for 30 odd years but was thought to have retired after seeing his son going to prison,  his grandson being murdered,  his closest friend being  gunned down and his son-in-law being kidnapped.


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The Case Of The Assassinated Budgie

OMG, one of UK’s top parakeets has been assassinated. Yes, assassinated folks.Andrew Pooley returned to his Cornwall home after being out a few hours  only to discover utter carnage. His champion Penmead Pride had been stamped to death, 9 others murdered and 21 others missing. The incident happened the night before the Cornwall Budgerigar Society Club Show (where the year before Penmead Pride won “Best In Breed”). Police believe the culprit is someone from the bird keeping community. Ya think?

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