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You’re a Dick

Oh dear, a teacher is in all sorts of WTF after she drew a penis on a kid’s work because she thought he wasn’t trying hard enough. Awks.

PSST Of course there are calls for her to resign. She could have put more effort in too…just saying.



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Fail, Fail, Fail

OK, here’s the thing lady, when you pay for an online company to do your college assignment don’t be complaining to the Better Business Bureau about them, its kinda cheating. Yep, the student was so peeved when her “custom” written term paper wasn’t delivered on time she dobbed them in to the Watchdog.


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Should Have Plagiarized

OMG, Temitope Adenugba was so behind in her end of year Uni assignment she concocted a devious plan to get an extension. Bless. The student from Oxford Brookes University in the UK rang police and reported she’d been raped and when they arrived at her college dorm she pointed to the poor friggin cleaner, Kunle Ogunmola, and told them that was him. Poor Mr Ogunmola spent a year trying to clear his name until the police investigations finally exposed Adenugba as a nasty friggin liar. Ms Adenugba was given 18 months jail while Mr Adenugba continues to try and convince his wife  he didn’t do it. .

Psst No word on what she got for her assignment.


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