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As if we haven’t got enough things to worry about, NASA are now scratching their collective heads about an astroid that could kaboom us all. The rock in question is about 500m in diameter and is spinning through orbit at an alarming 101,000 km per hour. Hard hat sales are going to go through the roof. My greatest fear however, is that in a few million years another species of beings will be talking about this “amazing” civilisation that had once roamed the Earth. This civilisation was so advanced they had little devices that could locate and catch creatures known as Pokemons.


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Asteroid Alert

Hey loons, you might want to stick your head outside the window on Tuesday night because a massive asteroid is making a fly-by Earth. Nah, you won’t need your stack hat, it won’t be crashing. The 400m rock called 2005 YU55 will zip past at a distance of 325,000 km but you better not wink or you just might miss it.

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Largest Asteroid Explosion Ever Observed

Did anyone happen to hear a loud bang on 8th of October by any chance? Hmm, well if you did, it was probably the big friggin asteroid that exploded over Sulawesi in Indonesia. Come on people you must have heard something, it was equivalent to 50,000 tons of TNT!. The scary part is no one, not even NASA saw it was coming! Hmm, considering it was the largest asteroid explosion ever observed, you would have thought someone would have said “WTF is that?”. Nope, a 10m planetoid comes hurtling down upon us , explodes 15km above our heads, with a force more powerful than three Hiroshima bombs and not so much as boo out of NASA. Everyone friggin panic!


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