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We Are Not Alone

Worst fear realised ….. aliens have even worst taste in music than Earthlings. Astronauts on the Apollo 10 mission reported hearing weird music while orbiting the dark side of the moon in 1969.  Thanks to the lifting of classified NASA files in 2008 and a TV doco NASA’s Unexplained Files, we can collectively go WTF!!!! The recordings were made and transcribed during the time Apollo 10 was temporarily cut off with earth during an orbit of the dark side, the astronauts can be heard saying “You hear that? That whistling sound?” “That sure is weird music,”.


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In Space No One Can Hear You Plop

Apollo 10 astronauts had toilet issuesThe last thing you want to hear while you are in outer space is …. ‘Give me a napkin quick. There’s a turd floating through the air’. Seems the boys on the Apollo 10 mission weren’t very toilet savvy nor were they eager to claim ownership of the turd, in fact no one could identify it as theirs. Just some of the fun dialogue revealed in newly discovered transcripts.

Want sauce with that?


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How Boring

Sheez, the most disappointing myth bust I have heard all year. Russians did not, have not and probably will never have sex in space. What the hell have they been doing up there all this time then? Hmm , I guess it’s probably a bitch getting in and out of those space suits! Boy, am I glad I didn’t become an astronaut! Come on guys, at least  no one would hear you!!!!!!


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Space Junk On Collison Course With Space Station

Most excitement we've had up here in ages!

Holy flying space junk Batman. Duck astronauts, a piece of space junk is heading your way. NASA are friggin freaking over a piece of space debris heading straight towards the International Space Station. The two man crew are unaware of the imminent danger just yet but at 10 am they sure will be, because that is the time NASA intends to tell them to get the hell into the friggin Soyuz escape pod. Possible projected impact time is around 1.17pm so that will give them a good 3 hours to panic! Ah I know what you are thinking, move the friggin space station, hmm, they already thought of that but it is all too late! I bet the three astronauts who came back down to earth on Tuesday are thanking their lucky stars they aren’t still up there.

Psst The junk is believed to be  from a Russian satellite that collided with a U.S. satellite on Feb 10.


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