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Never Too Old

An 86 year old guy in an assisted living facility was encouraged to take up…wait for it…knitting, by the staff. Now he, and a few other residents have just delivered 350 knitted caps to premmie babies at an Atlanta hospital. Take a bow Ed Mosely, he knitted 55 of them.

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You Should Have Just Run Away

Student faked his own kidnappingOh for the love of Patty Hearst, what were you thinking? Atlanta college student Aftab Aslam  was failing his English classes so he did what any 19 year old kid who is scared of his parents would do ….  he bought a new cellphone and texted his parents he’d been kidnapped. For one long, cold week poor Aslam camped out in the wilderness but it got too  rainy so he reluctantly returned to face his parents and the numerous charges… that include making a false report, false statements, tampering with evidence and terroristic threats. His parents must be so proud.

Psst Hmm, I’d be going for the ” No speaka da Engrish” excuse if I were him.


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Free Rabid Kitties

Oh for crying out loud, attention all loons who patted, cuddled or have one of the six five kittens that were given away at an Atlanta  WalMart parking lot  a few weeks back.  Seems those cute little fluff balls are more like rabid spawns of hell. Yes, you heard me, they have friggin rabies. One of the kitties has been put down but there are 5 foaming felines still out there. Step away from the kitty!!!!


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Man Really Gets Stuck in Mud

Is it wrong to laugh?


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Cow Goes All Cujo on Farmer

Who you calling crazy?

A farmer from Atlanta, Georgia, was headbutted into a barbed wire fence by a 900lb rabid cow. OK, for starters I didn’t know cows could get rabies but anywho, the cow continued to go all Cujo on him so the farmer grabbed his gun and shot it three times. Which, by the way, did not kill it. The bovine was put down by a vet and the farmer is now considering quitting farming. Couldn’t write that in a script!


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911 Fail

OK, honey, sweetie, darl, one more time, 911 can not help you with your Chinese restaurant order. No not even if the restaurant has  messed up your friggin order. Sheez!


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Wrestled Out A Window

OK, here’s the thing people, when play fighting in a 10th story hotel room, don’t be doing it near a window. Lashawna Threatt and a friend were having a friendly little wrestle at the W Midtown Hotel in Atlanta when they accidentally crashed into a window and then out of the window before falling 5 stories down onto a glass ceiling above a sunroom. Threatt is believed to have died on impact but her friend rolled off the roof and onto a patio outside the hotel. She is currently in hospital with multiple broken bones.


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Freudian Slip?

Whoopsie, a government employee is in trouble after accidentally addressing a package to an Atlanta cleaning company with the wrong name. The company is called Rug Suckers not …ah never mind! Seems the employee misheard the name when speaking to the owner over the phone “I understood you to say that the company’s name was rug *uckers….I asked you twice and you replied, ‘yes it was.” Well that’s awkward!

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Didn’t See That Coming

A man in Atlanta had just opened the door of his motel room when kaboom, he was hit over the head with a Worcestershire sauce bottle.Hmm, think that was bad, the attacker then grabbed a fire extinguisher and kaboom, straight in the head and face.The man was taken to the hospital not knowing what the hell hit him, while a man was arrested and taken to the Lauderdale County Jail.


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You Just Can’t Please Everyone

You racist bastards!!!

OK MARTA, probably not a good idea to name the train line going into the heart of Atlanta’s Asian community the “Yellow Line”… hmm just a thought! You know some people, oooh like Asians, might take offense. What? Hello? They did! Whoops.


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