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If you were getting money out of an ATM and a note reading “Please help me I am stuck inside the machine” came out the receipt slot what would you do? Well if you were in Texas, you would ignore it. Some poor ATM repair man was frantically writing notes after accidentally locking himself inside the machine but people were ignoring them because they thought it was some sort of prank.


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Cash Deposit

police 7OK, one more time men, no, you can’t have sex with an inanimate object (other than your wife). OK, can someone please pass this on to the dude who tried having sex with an ATM … oh and the picnic table… at the Boro Bar and Grill, because lets face it , who wants to have “nude from the waist down, walking around the bar, thrusting his hips in the air” on their police report…just saying.


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ATM Epic Fail

Oh for goodness sakes David Haskell what were you thinking? The 18 year old climbed on top of the Bank of America ATM machine, kicked through it’s drywall ceiling then dropped inside. Yes, of course Loons, the friggin alarms went off and the police were there  in minutes. However, they initial couldn’t see anything wrong  until the machine began shaking. Fool had got himself stuck inside. Hmm, the court then had to postpone Mr Haskell’s arraignment because he was still too sore to stand up.

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