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Darwin Award

A thong wearing idiot tried to blow up an ATM in Australia’s Northern Territory. The impact of the explosion blew him out of his thongs.


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Money Too Tight To Mention

This is what happens when a cash strapped drunk Chinese man attempts to slide under the glass window of an ATM instead of using the door.

drunk atm


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Granny Gets Pelted With Poo


Oh for crying out loud, an elderly woman was pelted with poo after withdrawing cash from an ATM in Sydney. The 85 year old had just removed the cash when she was hit from behind with human excrement. A supposed do gooder then escorted her to a toilet to help wash the shit off but instead grabbed her wallet and fled. Police believe the shit thrower and the good Samaritan were one in the same.


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Little Squirts and Big Shits

You know what I hate? When a Toronto gang use squirt bottles filled with feces to rob people. I really friggin hate that. The gang usually strikes ATM customers after they have just finished withdrawing money.Gross. Here’s how they do it, first, one gang member approaches the victim and sprays them with the feces (believed to be human) then a second gang member approaches to offer assistance to the appalled victim by holding their jacket or purse while they clean themselves. Both then flee with the items. Hmm, sounds like a lot of hard work to me, buy a friggin gun!


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Epic ATM Fail

OK, not an ATM but you get my drift!

OMG, two would-be thieves tried to steal an ATM from a scrap metal plant in Chicago but were two friggin scrawny to lift it. The dumbasses managed to tie up staff at gunpoint but when it came to actually lifting the 250lb  machine it was an epic fail. In the end they simply gave up and left.


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