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Cat 1, Postie 0

Meanwhile in the UK a Bristol postie is threatening to stop delivering mail to an address because the cat Bella snatches the mail from his hands…that is a “potential hazard” right there. The owners have created a makeshift post box outside their house so the postie’s fingers are no longer at risk. Did someone say Nanny State?


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Watch out for the …..


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Thanksgiving Revenge

Survivors of the Thanksgiving massacre are taking revenge out on a Massachusetts postal worker “every day”. The rafter of five attack the postie each day as he delivers mail. Thank goodness he carries a turkey stick to keep them at a distance. No one puts our family on a plate and gets away with it.



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Paris Under Terrorist Attack

Yellow-RibbonThoughts and prayers to the people of Paris.


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When A Cat Hates Music

Cat be like….stop playing that stupid flute.


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Maggies Remember

Ever been swooped by a magpie? If yes, I got some bad news for you. These birds recognise and remember faces and know where you live!!! Seems the facial recognation is so that can seek out the same person and attack them over and over and over again, especially if they live nearby. The birds are territorial and can live in the same area for over 20 years. They learn to know who lives where and will watch for who THEY think are a threat then ….kapow!

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Alligator 1, Truck 0


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