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Blind Attorney Hit By Cyclist

You know what I hate? When a blind man gets run down by a cyclist in Central Park and the victim happens to be an attorney and disabled rights activist. Hmm, that’s a suing right there city of New York. Yes, no, he’s not suing the cyclist only the city!!!! Nothing is just an accident anymore.

Want sauce with that?


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Attorney Stoops To All New Low!



WTF. An attorney representing  a suspected murderer has been accused of intimidating a witness after he arranged 8 gang members to stand, fold their arms and stare at the key witness while she testified against his client . Yep, that will pretty much scare the crap out of anyone. The woman in question had witnessed Charles “cheese” Heard shoot Richard Barrett outside a nightclub over a  gem-encrusted pendant of the Flintstones’ Bamm-Bamm character. All 8 men were later arrested  for  Witness Intimidation and a judge is yet to determine if the attorney will get busted too!


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