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Holy Olive Oil

priest 2If there ever was a law suit waiting to happen.An Auckland evangelical church is offering a cure all oil to its followers. The church claims the magical oil can cure schizoprenia, tumours, strokes and marriage problems (to name a few). What is the magic potion you ask? Hmm, it is none other than olive oil… but wait… the oil has been blessed at the sites of biblical miracles in Israel which makes it special.In their newslatter they say “The Holy Oil was chosen by God as an instrument of faith to heal the sick …If you have faith and use the oil in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, God will bless you,” Good luck with that.

Psst Do you cook with it or rub it on? Confused.

Want sauce with that?


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Mythical Swamp Monster


Holy crap, I had no friggin idea there was a swamp monster called Taniwha living under Auckland. Well, evidently there is and it ain’t very happy that authorities are planning to sink a billion dollar railway tunnel right through it’s hiding place. Egads, remember when the Japanese pissed off Godzilla?  The representative for the creature, Mr Glenn Wilcox  (a member of the Maori Statutory board), is complaining that no one consulted or took into account the monster’s feelings when making plans for the underground railway, which is friggin inconsiderate considering it “was here first”. Anywho, the local Maori board are now pleased that  the “correct consultation” has finally taken place and the monster is no longer angry. Of course it helped that they  invoiced thousands of dollars for public relations advice relating to the swamp monster to the council. Yep, seems money talks when negotiating with mythical Maori monsters.


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Friggin Fleas!

You think your job is bad, spare a thought for casino workers in Auckland, New Zealand. They have been forced to wear flea collars around their ankles, thanks to a friggin flea infestation. Despite the casino being cleaned everyday the fleas have pretty much called SkyCity Casino home for several years now. Management say they unaware of any complaints about insect bites.

Psst It could be worse, they could suffer from nervous ticks!!!!

Want sauce with that?


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I Wouldn’t Use Those Toilets!

It makes you wonder just how many people were spitting at the Auckland International Airport for someone to go to this much  trouble AND  in three different languages!


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Trial Aborted Because of Aroused Juror

OK, here’s the thing sexually aroused juror, don’t be wearing no condom to court or the friggin trial will be aborted. Oh dear, it is alleged an elderly man who was on the jury of a sexual abuse trial in Auckland has admitted he became sexually aroused listening to the victim’s evidence. In an attempt to cope he told another member of the jury he wore a condom in the courtroom. When the judge got wind of this she aborted the case. Seriously creepy!


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They Should Get a Licking!

Oh for crying out loud, the police in New Zealand are looking for five people believed to be teenage girls, who held up a Auckland take-away store with a gun, knife and hammer. They got away with between 50-70 ice creams. Yep, after failing to get the till open, the group then focused their attentions on a freezer full of ice-creams. Geez, I hope they get an acne breakout!


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Satanic Slice of Fruit


OMG, Wendy McMahon got the fright of her life when she opened a can of budget pears and found a demonic face carved into one of the slices. Shocked by the scary face, she rang the 0800 number on the can in hope of getting some answers but all she got was grief, oh and a $30 voucher. The pear was eventually sent to the Auckland so the manufacturer, Heinz-Watties, could investigate. That was last she heard of the satanic slice of fruit.


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