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Now There’s A Painting From Hell

HitlerAnyone interested in purchasing a painting my Adolph Hitler? Yep, the Nazi painted, who knew? (actually I do recall reading about it in history class, but that was a looooong time ago). Anywho,if anyone wants some bad karma hanging off their wall, “The Old Town Hall” is up for grabs at a Nuremburg auction house next month.


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Still A Virgin

Girl who auctioned off virginity still a virginRemember that 21 year old Brazilian woman who auctioned off her virginity last year? Yeah her. Well, evidently she is crying fowl, saying she was the victim. Seems the Japanese businessman who won the auction wasn’t the man she thought he was (photoshopped no doubt) and didn’t give her the money promised nor cover her travel expenses. Yep, she also claims she is still a virgin despite the documentary maker (following her adventures) saying “We have the footage to prove otherwise,”. All together now ….care factor ZERO!!!!


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Mahatma Gandhi’s Blood Up For Auction

Hey Loons, anyone interested in two slides of Mahatma Gandhi’s blood. Didn’t think so but thought I would ask. Seems the sandal loving peace maker gave the blood samples to a family in Mumbai in 1924 while recovering from an appendectomy.  It is expected to make about $20,000. Hmm, might look nice on the mantlepiece.



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Damn You Reporter

I know how it feels!!!!

Remember that Renoir painting bought at a Virginian flea market by a woman for $7 that was going up for auction? Hmm, well about that. Seems some nosy reporter from The Washington Post did some Sherlocking and discovered it had been stolen from a Baltimore museum over 60 years ago, so now the auction is a no go . Bummer, I hope she gets her 7 bucks back.


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Well I’m All Shook Up

Oh my, a pair of soiled Elvis undies failed to sell at an auction in Britain. The light blue undies were evidently worn underneath his famous white jumpsuit during one of his 1977 concerts. Oh well, I guess no one wants to use that DNA to clone him!!!!

Psst Hmm, by soiled do they mean skid marked?



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The Queen’s Used Undies Sell at Auction

Someone has forked out $18,000 to purchase a pair of Queen Elizabeth’s used knickers, which were left on a private plane during a trip to Chile in 1968. The used under garment  had been in the possession of the late “Baron” Joseph de Bicske Dobronyi  prior to the eBay auction.

Psst I want to know why the Queen  left dirty undies on a plane!


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Hitler’s Bedsheet Anyone?

Not the sheets!!!

Hey Loons, get your pocket money out, Hitler’s bed sheets are up for auction. Oooh, imagine rolling around in that Nazi linen? A single white bedsheet and pillowcase embroidered with swastikas and Adolph’s initials could be yours for around  £3000. Seems Hitler’s trusty housekeeper Anni Winter removed a lot of Hitler’s personal items after he and Eva commited soup pudding in the bunker and the items are  now resurfacing around auction houses in Europe. Hmm, I have my doubts Adolph ever slept in a single bed, unless of course Eva kicked him out for snoring. Anywho, anyone who doesn’t fear bad karma can bid next week in Bristol.

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Himmler Loved His Mummy

Anyone interested in Gestapo leader Heinrich Himmler’s postcards to his mummy? They’re up for auction loons, could go nicely with Hitler’s hanky collection. Despite the nasty Nazi having his hands full with the war and all, he never failed to send his mother a postcard  from wherever he was rampaging in  Europe. One card reads “My dearest mummy! Today I am sending you very warm greetings from Paris. I hope you are well.” Hmm, still can’t warm to him!!!

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Michael Jackson’s Death Bed Anyone?

OK loons, guess what is up for auction? Here’s a hint, think macabre, creepy and totally inappropriate. No, not me silly! It’s Michael Jackson’s bed. Yep, the one he died in. Oh for the love of all things sacred, who wants to sleep in that? I hope they changed the sheets! Hmm, and what’s the King of Pop doing sleeping in a queen size bed?


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Saddam’s Butt Up For Sale

Remember the moment  the statue of Saddam Hussein was unceremoniously ripped from it’s plinth during the US led invasion of Iraq in 2003? Well an elite SAS regiment soldier, Nigel “Spud” Ely, was there and he retrieved a 2ft piece of Saddam’s butt using a hammer and crowbar. Now he’s auctioning as a “war relic art” in England and it could be yours. Might look good in the garden!

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