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No Honey, That’s Not A Phillips Screwdriver!

Sheez, after all these years someone has found 150  gynecological and surgical instruments used in the Auschwitz death camp.Yep, remember the Nazi gynecologist Carl Clauberg? No? Well anywho, they are his! He was known for his evil experiments on women at the Nazi death camp including mass sterilization. Hmm, the spokesman for the Auschwitz Museum said “This is one of the greatest discoveries in recent years,” Ewh! The instruments were found in a house located near Auschwitz.


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I Will Survive

An Australian Jewish woman,  Jane Korman, who posted a vid of her family singing and dancing to “I will survive” at the Auschwitz death camp has caused  mini outrage. Now normally I’d poo-poo such behavior but considering her 89 year old father (who features in the video) is an Auschwitz survivor, I say you go for it. No one but those who suffered at the hands of the Nazis could fully understand the nightmare that they endured, so if a little  singing and dancing alleviates a little of the pain so be it. Adolek Kohn was only a child when he was rounded up by the Nazis and taken to the camp where most of his family died in the notorious gas chamber. His daughter says it’s a celebration of survival  and not a mark of disrespect.

Psst Hitler would be rolling around in his grave if he saw this!!! Good!


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It’s Back!

Everyone stop looking, the Auschwitz sign has been found. Five people charged. I can guess where they are all going!


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Infamous Auschwitz Sign Missing

Can the person/s who stole the infamous ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ (Work sets you free) sign, which hung above the main entrance of the former Auschwitz death camp, please return it ASAP. No one thinks it’s funny!


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Back To The Drawing Board

Youngsters surveyed thought Hitler was a German Football manager

When would I have time to manage a football team?

This is just one good reason why you should never give youngsters a survey about World War I & II. Hmm, this is the findings after 2,000 kids aged from 9 to 11 were polled by the veterans’ charity Erskine.1 in 20 thought Hitler was a German football manager, 1 in 6 believed Auschwitz was a Theme Park and 1 in 12 thought the Blitz was a European clean-up operation following the war. Might want to think about bringing history back into the curriculum! Hmm, hang on a minute isn’t it already? Ah, never mind!


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