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New Aussie Bogan Sport

Australia has a new sport for bogans,  Reversal of Fortune. The aim … to run up an escalator the wrong way. For this you need, a mullet, a crowd and the will to give up at the first sign of effort.


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I’m Just Waiting For A Mate

This Australia mammal is known as dumbassapien. They can usually be found in a Holden commodorus, or sleeping under a tree. They have a liking for alcoholic brews and chiko rolls. If you happen to come across one, it is better not to provoke them as they are not very bright.


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It’s The Second Place You Look!

Seems like the Aussie’s are having a bit of fun with Kiwi cops of late. Another Aussie goes AWOL, this time turning a wedding reception into a four hour search.  The culprit,  a drunken Aussie bridesmaid who wandered off  at the reception in search of her  accommodation in a rural area near Auckland. Even  a helicopter and a sniffer dog  failed to find her tucked up fast asleep in the bush 15m from the road. The paramedic who found her said she only had a few scratches and bruises, oh and a massive hangover.  It is believed the  bridesmaid  had wandered around pretty much aimlessly and pissed for a few hours until she collapsed found a comfy place to sleep it off. Aussies 2, Kiwis 0.

Psst At least she wasn’t at the bar with the Tasmanian!


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