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Might Want To Avoid Dating An Aussie Bloke

The key to happiness for half the Aussie men? Trade in their missus for a different model. Yes, half of the Australian men surveyed for the American Express Enrichment Report said the key to enriching their lives would be to get rid of their wife or girlfriend. Urgh, three quarters said their current relationships were in need of  some serious enrichment. Interestingly,  keeping fit was way down on the priority list. Lazy assed bastards.

Psst Hmm, and to think the key to an Australian woman’s happiness is for their men to keep the friggin toilet seat down.


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What About PETA?

Calling Harry Connick, Harry Connick to the front desk please. Hmm, the Aussies have been branded racist once more by the Americans, thanks to a 20 second KFC commercial. Seems handing out a bucket of Kentucky fried chicken to West Indian cricket fans to shut them up is deemed racist. A tad precious me thinks.


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