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Seems Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo may be facing bankruptcy. The baton which was passed to young Bindi, following the unexpected death of Steve Irwin five years ago, has failed to bring in the much needed bucks to keep the dream alive.With news that 22 staff have been let go due to a slump in tourism, rumors are abound about mismanagement  and millions wasted on bad planning. Hmm, where were the wildlife warriors during the Queensland floods? If Steve were alive, he’d have been the first one in there helping with the animal rescue efforts and reminding us about all the little creatures who were suffering too. All I see  the Irwin’s doing these days  is plugging cake mix and flogging “straight to DVD”  Bindi movies.  It might be time to consider bringing Steve’s dad back and fix the mess.

Psst Hey Gillard, hows about a Save Australia Zoo levy?


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