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Hard Way Lesson

OK Loons, one more time. Just don’t live stream anything of any importance on FB, especially not your wedding. A woman decided it would be cool to stream her wedding live on Facebook. And it would have been had it not been for the groom doing a runner. Yep, no show. That would have been the longest of awks and where you should have cut the feed. But no, the jilted bride eventually had to walk up to the mic and tell her guests it was O-ver. The no-show was blamed mainly on the groom’s secret lover. But wait there is more. In a vain attempt to keep the wedding alive, her family begged his look-a-like-uncle to don on the suit and marry her to save face. Bless his heart, he demanded a million baht. That bride be feeling very unloved.


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Forgive Me Father

Whoopsie, a vicar was left a little red faced when he placed this outside the church.

PSST: Welsh



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Unfortunate really for German Olympic team.



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Hollywood or Bust

Hold your coffee tight loons, this is what happens when a normal person tries to look like a superstar … A Chinese woman found out the awkward way when she bought a dress online that was similar to a dress worn by actress Jaimie Alexander to the Thor: The Dark World movie premiere in Hollywood.

clothes fail


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Sheez, Mark Aiston didn’t see that one coming. Looks like Channel 10 newsreader Belinda Heggen had been waiting a long time to KAPOW him one . Hmm, and doesn’t she look as proud as punch.




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It’s the Friggin Pleat

OMG, how awkward. An Aussie TV host had to explain she wasn’t pregnant live on air, after viewers began texting and ringing to congratulate her.  It’s the goddam friggin pleat, OK!!!!!


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While The Cat’s Away

No way I'm friggin coming out now!

Awkward. Sometimes being trapped in a Chilean mine is a better option than facing your wife and mistress. Seems one of the trapped Chilean miners, Yonni Barrioshas, has a little issue unraveling about 700m above him. His wife Marta Salinas, and his lover, Susana Valenzuela, have bumped into each other during a vigil for him outside the mine. Marta says her hubby loves her but the mistress has told her he was planning to leave her. Lucky for Yonni Barrios he’s got 4 months saving grace before having to face them both. Good luck with that!

Psst On a lighter note authorities have banned the miners from having cigs and booze. Must be fun down there now!


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