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When You Should Have Been Sleeping With One Eye Open!

The last thing you expect to hear from your wife when you dig up a skull in your backyard is  ‘don’t worry – it’s my first husband’. The 60-year-old Russian woman had allegedly bumped him off 20 years ago with an axe. She then told her new hubby just to rebury the remains and forget about it. Luckily hubby thought better of it and contacted police. They found bones all through the veggie patch. She later said she killed him with an axe and chopped him into pieces after he came home drunk.


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The Spin Stops Here

Look what happens when Fox News anchors start throwing sharp objects…they nearly kill the drummer.   Pete Hegseth just missed a lawsuit by an axe breath.


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This Could Have Been An Axe Murder

The moral of this story is make sure all items are secured firmly when placed in the back of your pick-up truck or you may have to retrieve your axe from the dashboard of a very peeved driver. Just saying.



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What Are The Odds

OMG, every man’s worst nightmare happened at a woodchopping event Christchurch, New Zealand when an axehead flew off the shaft and right into a spectator’s crotch! Ouch!


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I’m A Lumberjack and I’m OK!

You know if you are a real man lost in the wilderness, you chop down 4 power poles, so a work crew will come to your rescue, duh. A Saskatchewan man who was lost for several days, after his boat hit bad weather on a lake, used an axe to chop down the poles because he knew  SaskPower would have to come out and check the downed lines. Yah, everyone was happy except for the several hundred poor bastards who were without power for 30 friggin hours.

Psst Sheez, I would have stopped at one…blisters, break a nail, electrocuted!!!

2nd Psst I hope this doesn’t set a new precedent for people lost in the wilderness!


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Everything Stinks!

Indian man suing Lynx because he can's attract a womanVaibhav Bedi is suing Lynx (also known as AXE in India), not because it stinks but because he hasn’t managed to score a single women since he has used it! The loser in love is suing the company for £26,000 for the “depression and psychological damage” caused by the lack of any Lynx effect.Damn stuff made him no more attractive to women than Brut. The Axe commercials infer that when men wear their products women throw themselves at them. Obviously not for poor Bedi, he’s been using the stuff for 7 years and not a single chick. That’s some kind of epic fail and he should sue!


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