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As If The Elephants Haven’t Got Enough To Worry About!

Friggin pandas get all the attention. Cute cuddly creatures that sit, chew and slumber all day long have some strange power over people. Put a panda in a zoo and then watch the silly humans sit, stand or stare at them for hours, letting out the occasion “they’re soooo cute”. Urgh! So it is understandable why the other animals get a little pissed at them. Well, if you can’t beat them, join them. The keepers at the Ayutthaya-Elephant Kraal have painted 5 of their neglected elephants in black and white paint to draw attention back to the country’s national symbol and away from the friggin pandas. Hmm, they make one hell of an ugly panda. Wanna see them check out the photos at the Daily Mail.

Can a panda do this? No I think not you lazy bastards!!!!


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