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Epic Parenting Fail

You post a Youtube vid of your snowflake bubble butt dancing in the bath thinking you will get a bucket load of “awwwwwws” but instead you get a whole lotta WTFs.

baby_outrage crop

The reason wasn’t actually the bubble butt twerking bub but more so the mum using an electric appliance to make the bubbles…. Nawww,  a rookie mistake, like a knife in the toaster.



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Has Anyone Seen The Baby?

Awks is when you go on hols and suddenly can’t find your 6 month old baby only to discover he is locked in the hotel safe. More awks is when the child abuse unit claims the bub was too young to crawl into the safe by itself. Incredible awks is when you flee the hotel (with baby in tow) and police along the New York/Canada border are told to be on the lookout for you. I’m guessing it was all a terrible joke misunderstanding.


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What The?

For the love of god what the hell is this….. warning this can’t be unseen


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Baby Set Adrift

Help me!!!!

Help me!!!!

Absent mindlessness  just reached a new level in Turkey, after a family forgot they had left their 10 month old in a floating device in the ocean. As the family relaxed on the beach a strong wind picked up and the baby just drifted away. Eventually beach goers noticed the object in the distance and contacted Turkish Coast Guard who rescued the bub a kilometre out to sea. Awks.


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Second Child Bursts into Flames

richard-simmons2Remember the Indian woman who claimed her baby kept bursting into flames and blamed it on spontaneous combustion? Hmm, yeah well, she is back, and claiming her latest baby is suffering the same prob. Her first son randomly burst into flames from the age of 9 days to 2 months with doctors unable to determine WTF. The mother claims her newest addition (who is also 9 days old ) was in the bathroom when his feet suddenly caught on fire. The infant will be monitored from the safety of the hospital while the mother is accessed for Munchausen. While most are pointing the finger at the mother, some have suggested the cause could be phosphorous in the family house. Several homes in recent years  have burned to the ground thanks to the highly flammable that is often used in buildings. Hmm, yeah, really?


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Justin Bieber Repels Just About Everything

bearAmong his numerous skills, Justin Bieber can now add a bear repellent. Who knew? When a Russian man named Igor was jumped by a brown bear while fishing he thought he was a goner but fortunately Igor had set his cellphone ringtone to Bieber’s classic “Baby” . During the attack his phone happened to ring scaring the beejeezus out of the bear .

Still no word on why a 42 year old man would have Justin Bieber on his phone.


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Indian Baby Spontaneously Combusts

Indian baby keeps bursting into flamesOMG, what the hell ? A three month old baby boy is currently in an Indian hospital because he allegedly keeps bursting into flames . Doctors think he maybe excreting flammable gases through his skin or alternatively his mother is simply lying . According to the mother  the poor little bub has spontaneously combusted 4 times causing horrific burns.

Psst Nappy changing must be a challenge…one fart…kaboom! Hmm, too far?

Want sauce with that?


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Baby Found In Sewer Pipe

Of all the most disturbing things I have read over the years, this one pretty much takes the cake. Some lowlife parents of a newborn baby flushed him down a toilet because they didn’t want him. Fortunately residents in the apartment building reported the sound of a baby crying in a sewer pipe and called authorities. The baby was eventually extracted from the 4 inch wide pipe and remains in a stable condition despite being covered in crap. No word on who the parents are.

Psst China


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Bad Parenting 101

Mother leaves baby in car while she shopsOK, one more time people, leaving your baby in a car while you go shopping is wrong. Pinning a note on the child’s blanket reading ‘My mum’s in doing the shopping, call her if I need anything’ is nothing short of pure genius. Hello, could it get anymore awesome than shopping in peace with the knowledge that if anything goes wrong with your bubs, some random will ring your cellphone. Introducing carpark creche.

Psst New Zealand

Want sauce with that?


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Hero Dog

Baby the pit bull is being hailed a hero after it rescued not only a family from their burning home but also the pets. The two sisters were woken up by Baby barking and jumping on them just as the fire was shooting down the hallway, giving them just enough time to escape. After seeing them to safety, Baby raced back into the burning building and rescued his 5 other canine companions, one of which he had to grab by the neck and drag out . I’m guessing he’s gonna be getting some Scooby snacks.


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