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Bank Balls Up

Bank  posts photo of squirrel with testicles caughtNote to all banks, don’t be posting no photo of a cute little squirrel hanging by its balls, some customers might think it is in bad taste especially when you use the caption “Because accidents don’t just happen to others, insurance will also cover you for any temporary injuries”. Within a few hours the Caisse d’Epargne Bank was forced to remove the unlucky squirrel due to social media back lash.


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Really? You Cancelled The New York Marathon

Get out of the friggin way, we’re coming through!!!!

The latest victim of Hurricane Sandy is the New York Marathon. Seems some people have an issue with holding the event this the weekend when there are still people without power, livelihoods or homes. Insensitive?  Oh come on, they would only be using a few hundred generators … give them candles (it will only be for a few hours). And anywho, it isn’t like the city is going to be congested, there ain’t no fuel. OK, OK, the runners may have to hurdled over a few overturned obstacles like tree trunks, water logged cars, dangling cranes, dirty dead rats, garbage….   but that will make it even more friggin exciting people!!!! The only bummer would  be for the winner, as punching the air would have looked quite naff considering.


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American Idol Backlash

American Idol may have done it’s dash after popular rocker James Durbin was voted off tonight.The backlash from fans could see the show’s finale turn into an enormous  fizzle as angry viewers take to the forums venting their disapproval.Many are denouncing the show as “rigged” or   “Country Idol” and vow never to watch it again. This follows last nights fiasco where one of the contestants, Haley Reinhart, chucked a wobbly after JLo and Randy gave her a bit of constructive criticism. This incident probably lead to James’ downfall as he was singled out as the one to beat. There are also suggestions there was confusion over voting numbers last night after they suddenly changed the order of the performers. Always a friggin conspiracy!

The show will now have two country singers and one very smug Reinhart (who is copping it bad on the forums) fighting it out in the finals in two weeks.

For those of you unaware James Durbin suffers from a mild form of Autism (Asperger) and Tourettes. His appearance on Idol gave many who suffer the same infliction hope and belief that they can follow their dreams no matter the obstacles. For this I think James already won. Now go and make a record.

Psst I for one won’t be watching it  because  it’s like friggin Disney Channel now!


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Bristol Palin Backlash

Seems Bristol Palin is as popular as a boil on a butt despite her still tripping the light fantastic on Dancing With The Stars. So it’s no surprise that there is a growing unity of anger over the “attention” whore’s success. Steven Cowan from Wisconsin showed his disgust by loading his shotgun and shooting the shit out of his TV when she got into the finals and some random sent a fan letter full of “suspicious” powder to the studio. Nepotism sucks! Meanwhile the teabaggers are sitting back and watching it all implode.


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What’s Wrong with Tickle Cock Bridge?

WTF, I was conceived there!

Geez, Nanny State what’s the color red? The council in Castleford, West Yorkshire decided that the Tickle Cock Bridge should be renamed to save embarrassment for civil servants but the locals said stuff politically correctness they like their Victorian landmark just the way it is. The council in their infinite wisdom decided to erect a new plaque renaming the bridge Tittle Cott, which resulted in a massive backlash by residents. A public meeting was organized and a large majority voted to have the name reinstated. Back to being embarrassed you civic leaders.

Psst Tickle Cock Bridge has been around since the late 19th century and refers to a “monkey run” where boys and girls did their courting. Geez, they should be grateful it wasn’t built in the 21st Century or it more than likely would have been called “**** **** Bridge” (you fill in the blanks!)


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Oh What a Feeling!

And the winner of epic fail this week goes to Toyota for letting this ad slip through the cracks! Dear god, it isn’t everyday you hear incestuous, degrading and sexist in a sentence. This commercial was the winner of Toyota’s Clever Film competition but was pulled the moment the backlashing began.

Psst The commercial is titled Clean Getaways for the added fail factor!


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iSnack 2.0 is History

After a backlash from hell, Kraft have decided that it just isn’t worth trying to convince Aussies iSnack 2.0 was a great name for the black yeast extract that was previously known as Vegemite. Hmm, guess it’s back to the drawing board boys.Kraft have announced iSnack2.0 is toast. Despite Kraft already selling 3 million jars of the new creamier version, the name has created such a stir, they have decided to go back to the 48,000 name suggestions and pick a friggin better one!

Psst Anywho, since when has Vegemite been considered a “snack”?


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IKEA, Please Get Rid of Verdana

WTF, is nothing sacred?

WTF, is nothing sacred?

The public want what the public wants. When Ikea decided to change their font from Futura to Verdana on the world’s most printed book, the Ikea Catalogue, the company faced a backlash like nothing the world has ever seen (unless you include Prince’s symbol phase!). Not in the company’s 50 year has there ever been a font change until now  and to say the public are pissed off would be to say the least. Twitter, Facebook and blogs are screaming outrage at Ikea’s apparent “cost efficient” font strategy. One petition has already collected 3,000 signatures condemning the decision. Hmm and never in the history of the Verdana font has there been such a backlash either. Times New Roman and Arial are just glad they were overlooked!

Psst Verdana was created by Microsoft so as to be readable at small sizes on a computer screens.

2nd Psst Futura was used on the commemorative plaque left on the moon by Apollo 11 astronauts in July 1969 (so they say!)


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