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Alejandro Paniagua Pretega was arrested after he allegedly followed a woman around Marbleton Kmart filming her butt. A witness said the woman had no idea her backside was being filmed nor that he was trying to film up her skirt. Hmm, he should have gone to Walmart, they don’t seem to care over there.


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Pain In The Butt

And this weeks “accidentally shooting yourself in the backside” award goes to Johnathan Hartman. Police allege Hartman stuck  a pistol in his girlfriend’s mouth before sticking it down the back of his pants and driving off. At some stage while he was driving it went kaboom right into his bum. That’s gotta hurt.


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Dogs Can Be A Pain In The Ass

Look at me, look at me!!

OK, here’s the thing New Zealand man, don’t leave a loaded rifle around or your dog might just shoot you in the arse. The man from Te Kopura was on a pig shooting trip when the accident happened. Apparently he was sitting in the back of a 4WD when the pooch jumped on the loaded .22 rifle and kaboom, bullet right in the buttocks.


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Toddler Tattoo

Too bad her name doesn't start with A!

Oh for crying out loud, who the hell tattoos a one year old’s rear end? Hmm, seems Lee Deitrick does. Yes, Deitrick from Louisville, who isn’t the girl’s daddy, has been accused of  tattooing the letter “A” on her butt while she  was visiting his house. Despite Deitrick’s granny saying the tatt was just a “a wee-little hairline” if convicted he could face 5 years in the big house. Well, it could have been worse, he could have put the whole word !

Psst I hope he did a neat job!


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