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Essence of Bacon

Good enough to eat

Hands over your ears Muslims and Jews, a company in Chicago have just created a cologne that smells like bacon. Please don’t let it be called Deliverance!!!!! OK, relax, the unisex scent is called Bacon and comes in two different  rashes flavors, spicy maple called Bacon Classic and a lighter version called Bacon Gold. Mmmm, gonna be hard making my dog sit now!!!!

Psst Wanna smell like the essence of bacon? You can purchase it here  from Fargginay.


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Well That’s Not Kosher

Hands up who likes pork? Hmm, thought so!

The low budget airline EasyJet, which was flying from Israel to London, offered passengers for their in-flight meals…wait for it… either ham melts or bacon baguettes. Brilliant, if you weren’t Jewish or Muslim. That would be one very long four and a half hour flight! Nice fail guys!

Psst Seems there was a mix up when loading food containers.


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Welcome to a World Gone Mad

Personally I think it's offensive!

A cafe owner in England has been ordered to remove an extractor fan because…wait for it…the smell of bacon offends Muslims. Beverley Akciecek who owns the cafe said she has had the fan for three years and has never had any complaints. Ironically her hubby is a Turkish Muslim.Welcome to Nanny State.


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