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Would You Like Fries With That?

Oh for the love of special sauce. A study in the UK has revealed that not one, not two but EVERY single McDonalds touchscreen menu they tested had faecal matter on it. In one case,  they found the potentially deadly staphylococcus bacteria. If you think about it, this was always going to happen. Just place the study on top of the pile below hotel TV remotes, escalator handrails and airline touchscreens. Thanks people, we are one touch away from potential death. WASH YOUR FRIGGIN HANDS, please.


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Baby Poo Sausages

Ooh yummy. Scientists in Italy believe chomping on sausages containing bacteria from baby poo could be good for your health.  I will leave you with that thought.


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Bottle of Botulism

Egads, step way from the Loyd Grossman Korma sauce people, it contains botulism. Two children are currently in a UK hospital being treated for the nasty bacteria after eating mom’s meal.


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What Is The Filthiest Surface In America?

Just off to fill the car up

OMG, forget the door handle of a public toilet we have a new winner for filthiest thing to touch in the US. Wait for it …it’s gas pump handles. Oh dear lord, evidently they are the number one breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Want to know what else is friggin filthy? Handles of public mailboxes, escalator rails, ATM buttons, parking meters, crosswalk buttons and vending machines. Evidently germs from people’s hands can transfer 7 times before leaving the skin. Seriously?

1st  Psst  Swabs were taken in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami and Philadelphia.

2nd Psst Sheez, if only the test had included Mega’s computer mouse!


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Oldest Evidence of Life Found In Western Australia

Hey darl, did you know we are the original bloodline? Now get me another beer!!!

Well blow me down with a feather, it seems Western Australia, has unearthed the oldest evidence of life on Earth. No, not me you silly billies. They found a fossil that they believe is more than 3.4 billion years old. OK, the fossil is a friggin bacteria but it was living without oxygen. Suck that one up Greenies!!!!

Psst Dear god, does that mean everyone is descended from Aussies?


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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

We all know that cows and sheep let off methane emissions when they burp and fart but scientists have discovered that wallabies only release one fifth of the amount. Reason?  They have a bacteria in their bellies that reduce emissions. Yep, you know where this is heading.  They want to go to the laboratory  and see if they can develop a similar bacteria for cows and sheep.  Check the title of my blog post for my reaction.

Psst I wonder if I could use that bacteria for my grandma? She could start a car with her…ah never mind!

Want sauce with that?


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Forget Swine Flu We Now Have New Delhi Superbug

Surprise , surprise a friggin deadly superbug is splashing around puddles and drinking waters of New Delhi in India. Great, as if I don’t have enough to worry about with friggin solar flares, swine flu, radiative fish, tsunamis and scary axe wielding murderers on Craigslist. Anywho, so impressed scientists have called it NDM-1 after the fair city. The new bacteria is getting ready to pack its bags and spread around the world thanks to it’s drug resistant nature. Bless. The only way you can even remotely kill the friggin thing is with highly toxic and expensive antibiotics…of course!!!


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