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Bad Balls

ballsIf you are going to steal antiquities don’t be stealing no Roman projectile stones. Just saying. Some thief who had nicked the 2,000 year old ballista balls from the ancient city of Gamla in 1995 learnt the hard way. Evidently, for 20 years he has suffered nothing but grief from the damn things, so much so he sent them back from whence they came with a little note attached, declaring ‘Please, do not steal antiquities, they have brought me nothing but bad luck.’


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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Leave Us The Hell Alone

haunted mirror for sale on eBay

Leave us alone

Attention Loons, is anyone interested in a Victorian style mirror that has brought nothing but  bad luck, misery, financial problems and illness to its owners? Well if yes, it could be yours. The owners have thrown the haunted thing on eBay. Mrjoiee, from London and his flatmate rsecued the mirror from the rubbish after their landlord had thrown it out, but since mounting it on the wall the pair have had nothing but feeling of impending doom, illness and money woes. Needless to say there hasn’t been one friggin bid. If you want it click here …oh and make sure to read the description.


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It Was Just Bad Luck

So then what's that?

So how much is a kidney worth? Seems $5,000 because that is how much Dr Bernard Zaragoza was fined for accidentally removing a patient’s kidney instead of his gallbladder. OK people, sure the patient’s anatomy was all friggin messed up and his kidney was where his gallbladder should have been  but don’t they look different? Anywho, the Florida Board of Medicine panel decided the situation was pretty much “bad luck” rather than intentional and gave him a slap on the wallet wrist, so to speak.

The patient died three weeks later from heart failure.

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It Didn’t Work

Oh boy, the ironies of life. Twelve Indonesian children have died after a suspension bridge collapsed while they were watching a ceremony to rid their village of bad luck. As the adults threw chickens into the river,  37 children gathered on the bridge before it suddenly collapsed, washing the youngsters away in the strong current.


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