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It Speaks For Itself

Stumbled across these scary black things in a park ……

Seriously? Is he scratching his butt?


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Honey Badgers Don’t Give A Shit!

Dear god, step away from the honey badger, they are one nasty, crazyassed creature. Don’t believe me. watch this ….


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Hating It!

We interrupt this broadcast to bring you an important message. McDonald’s have finally conceded their Mccoffee tastes like Mcshit. Thank you.

Want fries with that?


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Worst Souvenir Ever

Continuing with my post about shocking souvenirs here’s a special one, the dead toad purse,  compliments of Simon the cameraman. It matches my crocodile foot back scratcher he gave me (which I will attempt to dig up for another time). This dead frog purse came from somewhere in Asia. It was once used for a 11 year old’s party. Seems it’s an excellent substitute for pass the parcel,  stops the little snowflakes hogging it!!

It croaked

Handy strap for hanging it off your shoulder


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X- Rated Plants

OMG, when plants go wild!!!!!  This one’s for Jammers ….


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Black and White People Furniture

Hmm, so why doesn’t anyone look you in the eye?

Psst I was thinking more along the lines of… where white and black people wouldn’t be seen dead!


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