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Not A Good Day

You know your life has taken a turn for the worst when you’re arrested for second degree murder after fleeing a house naked with a bag of cocaine hanging out of your butt. Ain’t that the truth  Jamie Coleman? I’m just saying!

Want sauce with that?

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I Feel Good

Guess who swallowed a bag of cocaine? Tsk, Tsk Art Taylor.


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Space Trip

Dude, where's my space shuttle?

Houston we have a problem. OK, can the astronaut who left his bag of cocaine at the NASA shuttle processing facility come to the main building, we would like to have a quiet word.Yeah, yeah, OK, it is very unlikely the drugs belonged to an astronaut but someone in Cape Canaveral has a little explaining to do. Despite all staff being tested they haven’t found the culprit nor evidence to suggest any worker was under the influence while tinkering with the space shuttle Discovery. Whew, would hate to have any more loose ceramic tiles fall off.


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