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Barefoot Bandit Caught

Oh my, the US teenage nightmare known as the Barefoot Bandit has finally been caught in the Bahamas.Colton Harris-Moore has been taunting and teasing authorities on his Facebook page and with crude drawings of bare feet at his crime scenes for years. The kid has burgled homes, stolen boats, cars and at least 5 light airplanes (despite never taking a lesson). His notorious cult antics have even lead to Hollywood film makers vying for the rights to his story. Harris-Moore was finally captured after a high speed boat chase involving local police who managed to shoot out the boat’s motor. Hmm, the 6ft5″ brat is expected to be facing a 7-15 year jail sentence.  His mom said her little boy genius has an IQ  just under that of Einstein.

Psst Yes Loons, when caught he was in bare feet!


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Miss Australia Blows It!

Now had Miss Australia, Rachael Finch, used her “obvious’ blowing skills in the Miss Universe Pageant talent section she might have been in with a chance. Rachael came in fourth in the Miss Universe Pageant but won the “blow up the condom” at the Condom Olympics in the Bahamas to raise awareness about HIV infection.


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Pulp Non Fiction

Hmm, I am guessing John Travolta and his family wont be visiting the Bahamas anytime soon after it was revealed that one of the three people behind the alleged $20 million extortion plot was none other than the former minister for tourism, Obie Wilchcombe. Hmm, wasn’t he the dude talking on Larry King claiming to be Travolta’s friend? Oh and no it gets better, another one involved was that ambulance driver,Tarino Lightbourne, who couldn’t wait to get on Inside Edition and tell all. Oh and how could I forget the third person was Senator Pleasant Bridgewater (don’t know how he fits in!).Now people who aren’t following this, it has been alleged that John Travolta was being blackmailed by unknown people in the Bahamas. It was originally reported that they had photographs of a dying Jett and were going to leak them to the media if John didn’t cough up $20 mil (this was later denied). After a police investigation three men including Travolta’s friend Wilchcombe and Lightbourne were arrested for extortion. Mystery now surrounds what they were going to expose but it must have been good if they wanted all that money. And to think Lightbourne was involved in trying to revive Jett!

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