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On The Bright Side, Free Food and Board

Woman left in jail for 19 years because couldn't pay $92 bailYou think you’ve had it tough? Spare a thought for an Indian woman who spent 19 years in jail because she couldn’t afford the $92 bail. OK, sure she was in jail for murder but she had no idea that the judge had granted her bail. Her son, who she gave birth to in jail, spent years working in a garment factory to save up for the money. This week she was finally released.

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Psst Guess who just got out of jail?  Julian Assange…. pass it on!


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Wiki Still Leaking

Hmm, I don’t know Assange, maybe bail isn’t such a good idea. Nice opportunity to get bumped off or conveniently “commit suicide” …. isn’t that right CIA agents? Despite the High Court in England granting Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, a get out of jail free card (if you don’t include the £200,000 bail security) Swedish prosecutors are being bitches and are appealing the decision.Which means another two days behind bars and another two days Michael Moore gets to keep his $20,000 pledged dosh.

Psst I bet Assange wishes he kept his wiki in his pants!


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