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What’s Up With The Uturuncu Volcano?

What’s 20,000 foot high, lives in southwest Bolivia and is blowing up like a giant balloon? If you said a volcano, you’re spot on, now run!!!!! Scientists have been scratching their heads trying to work out why the area below and around Uturuncu is rising so fast. From current calculations the magma beneath the volcano is growing at about 27 cubic feet per second which is 10 times faster than normal magma growth. Oh by the way did I happen to mention the Uturuncu volcano is surrounded by a series of dormant supervolcanoes, which means if for some chance one of them erupts it will make Mount St Helens look like a burst pimple. Modern civilization has never witnessed a supervolcanoes fury and scientists are just praying that Uturuncu isn’t forming into one because that would give Mayan believers cause for celebrations!

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Human Balloon

OK, OK, after some nudge, nudge, wink, wink  from Duncan (aka Madfrigginhatter), I will mention the sorry tale of Gareth Durrant. Seriously, it’s a sad tale of woe. Some how,  the poor electrician accidentally inflated his stomach after compressed air, from a power tool he was using, blew up his butt. Yes, butt!!! No loons, don’t ask me how that happened,something about the hose breaking and going up his shorts. Whatever, all I know is his tummy blew up like a friggin balloon . Evidently, the blast was so powerful it tore his bowel and severely damaged his intestines.

Want see what compressed air can do to your tummy? Click here.


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That’s a Bomb

Boy ignites after filling balloon with lighter fluidThis is  wrong on so many levels. A boy from Sacramento is in hospital after he was allegedly ignited by his friend. The two were mucking around with water balloons when they decided to fill one with lighter fluid. Unfortunately the balloon burst covering one of the kids with highly flammable liquid. Enter second child, who decided to set his friend on fire. After the flames were doused the kid lit him up one more time!

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