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What The Hell Is On My Banana?

Deadly spiders found on bananas in BritainYou know what I hate? When you are about to chomp into a banana then realise the funny white spots on it are actually dozens of venomous Brazilian wandering spiders hatching in front of your eyes. I really friggin hate that. So does the woman from Britain who nearly ended up dead. According to the Guinness World Records they are the most toxic Arachnid in the world. Unaware that her house was now a nest for the Brazilian creatures, she returned the bananas to Sainsbury supermarket. It was only after she sent a photo to the pest control man did she discover what was now “wandering” around her house. Exit stage left with hubby and kids. Despite the house being thoroughly fumigated she continies to sleep with one eye open.


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I’ll Pass On The Banana Smoothie

Want to know the best way to make the sales of bananas plummet? Spread a rumor via email that Mozambique bananas are infected with a flesh eating disease. Yes, that will do it. The email warns people against eating the fruit because they could be infected by necrotising fasciitis just like South African bananas. What the?

Psst It’s not true, walk away, no flesh eating  bananas here!


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