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Rapist No More

Attention all rapists, take heed, a woman in Bangladesh cut off a man’s penis after he allegedly attempted to rape her and then went promptly to a police station armed with the appendage as evidence. The woman told police the man, who had been harassing her for months, attacked her while she was sleeping but managed to grab a knife and whoosh, off it fell. The severed penis is being kept at the police station whilst the suspected rapist receives treatment at a hospital. Hmm, I guess he won’t be doing that ever again!


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5 Minutes of Porn

Hundreds of lucky Bangladeshi passengers were given a special treat while waiting at the main terminal of the Shahjalal International Airport, five minutes of porn on the large display screen. Woohoo! Unfortunately being a conservative Muslim country authorities didn’t see the funny side and threw the operator in jail for two months. Bummer.

Psst I wonder how many people missed their flights?


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Biggest Mass Poisoning In History

OMG, if you are planning a trip to Bangladesh anytime soon, make sure you only drink bottled water. Researchers fear that up to 77 million people in Bangladesh have been exposed to extremely high levels of arsenic found in village water wells. In other words it’s potentially the biggest mass poisoning in history. One in five deaths in the country are linked to high arsenic levels in their system. The irony is that these villages were encourage to dig wells rather than to use filthy water from the rivers not realizing that arsenic is found in abundance in the soil and rocks.


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What A Load of Croc

Beating up a sacred crocodile at a Muslim shrine in  Bangladesh will get you two years in jail my friends. Just asked the two friggin caretakers who have just been sentenced by crickey. A pilgrim dobbed them in after a female croc was beaten with sticks and seriously injured after laying eggs.

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