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Fake News

I am thinking in hindsight if you are going to get 10 years for holding up a bank with a water pistol you might as well have used the real thing. Just saying.  In his defence though,  he told the judge he used the water pistol to make sure nobody got hurt. Naw, lucky the cops didn’t open fire and blow him to smithereens.


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Three Year Old Accomplice

I need a lawyer!

OK, sweetie, honey, darl, taking your 3 year old with you to hold up a bank is kinda stupid, especially when he won’t stay in the friggin getaway minivan.Yep, Cherilyn Lopez had left the tyke in the car while she toddled off to do her business but he was having none of that. He got out and walked into the bank just in time to join his mom in the robbery. She later dropped him off at daycare before heading off to buy some prescription pills. That’s when the cops spotted the mini-van.

Want sauce with that?


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Furry Animal Robs Bank

Attention good people of Sweden if you happen across a very fit  man dressed in a large furry monkey/bear outfit the police may want a word.Seems he is wanted in connection with a bank robbery.  He was last seen running through the shopping center with security guards in hot pursuit.It is unclear if he got away with any money but police later found a burning car near the crime scene. Hmm and here I thought Swedes had no sense of humor!


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Would You Be a Dear and Give Me A Lift To The Bank?

Tsk, tsk granny!

You know what I hate? When an elderly woman asks you for a lift to the bank and then proceeds to  rob it. I really friggin hate that! Luke Weimert had no idea when police ordered him and Sandra Bathke out of his car at gunpoint that the little old lady next to him was a bank robber.While Luke had patiently waited outside the bank in his car, the 70 year had been inside pulling a gun on the teller and demanding money. As Luke drove her back to her apartment she calmly talked about the weather and the slippery roads. Seems Sandra was going to use the money to pay for her overdue rent after Luke’s mom (the landlord) gave her an eviction notice earlier that day. She had told Luke she needed a lift so she could withdraw the rent  money from her account. Oh well, now she will have free room and board.


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You’re Da Bomb!

Sheez, talk about going to extremes to rob a bank. Three men broke into the home of a bank teller, strapped a bomb onto him, then proceeded to the Coral Gables bank where the teller was forced to help steal an undisclosed amount of money. The suspects later fled in a red Ford Mustang leaving the teller to sweat in out with the explosive device.  Hurt Locker! Oh and if you were wondering, the bomb squad managed to remove the device without a kaboom!

Psst Hmm, an eyebrow raise. How did the suspects know where the teller lived?

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Getaway Car Fail

OK, here’s the thing Joseph Lavelle, if you are going to rob a bank make sure your getaway car doesn’t stick out like dog’s balls! It didn’t take long for police to track down Mr Lavelle. How many white pickup trucks with a  big friggin lightning bolt down the side do you know?


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The Man Who Fell to Earth

WTF. Rip Torn, remember him? Well it seems he’s a bank robber now. Say it ain’t so Rip? It is alleged on Friday night a very pissed Rip (78) broke into the Litchfield Bancorp building in Salisbury, armed with a loaded revolver. When police arrived  there he was in all his glory off his rocker. I guess we won’t be seeing him again on our screens anytime soon. RIP in peace.

Psst Geez, if Rip Torn can break into a bank anyone can!


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