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Worth a Try

You have a $3.7 million dollar debt you don’t want to pay…what do you do? Well, if you are a 59 year old Chinese woman from Wuhan you pay a plastic surgeon to alter your appearance, that’s what! Oh and you can add that to your debt. The woman used a credit card to pay for it. Unfortunately looking 30 years younger and brandishing fake ID didn’t help her one little bit. Since the government released more credit , consumers they have been cha chinging away and racking up huge household debt . This can’t be good!

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Greece Is Up For Grabs

Attention, anyone interested in a slightly used country consisting of 2 mainland peninsulas and thousands of islands? Going rate at present is about $1.2 billion. The up side is , the country has a uber amount of history (mostly in ruins) and beautiful views, the bummer is the 10 million or so occupants  don’t like paying taxes, rent or debts.

Greece has gone and done the unforgivable, proven that the whole Euro experiment was never going to work ….for some countries. Unable to pay their whopping loan, courtesy of  International Monetary Fund, they now find themselves abandoned by the Euro countries, without a brass razoo to their name. Awks. The government might have to dust off the drachma and refloat the worthless currency in order to function. They have already ordered an economic lockdown with banks shut and withdrawals limited to €60 a day at ATMs. But it is all a bit futile as most ATMs are as dry as a day old rusk.


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Let This Be A Warning

If you had $100,000 would you “invest” it all on Beanie Babies ?  Good lord no. Well some family did and now they are bankrupt. The family were so obsessed they would even down Happy Meal after Happy Meal at McDonalds to get their hands on Teenie Beanies. The motivation was the belief that the dressed up bears would eventually be sought after by collectors and would fund their kid’s college tuition. LOL. Anywho, the dad made a doco a few years back about his fall from the high chair ….


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Detroit City Now A Ghost Town

Detroit City files for bankruptcyOh no, not even Robocop can save Detroit now, the whole friggin city is bankrupt? OMG, what does that even mean? Hmm, well for starters, they can’t afford to pay anyone a dime. Nope, and forget pensions.They are in about $17 billion dollars worth of debt and filing bankruptcy is the only way out. Egads. Hmm, well if everyone in the world sent them a dollar … oh never mind, they’d still be 10 billion dollars in debt.


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Cyprus imposes tax on people with bank accountsCyprus is in so much financial trouble it has imposed a 9.9% tax on all bank accounts over 100,000 Euro and 6.7% on anything under. Hell yes, people are withdrawing their cash faster than a leopard on a treadmill but the bastards have already preempted the move and have  placed restrictions on people emptying their accounts. The idea to raid people’s bank accounts was the brainchild of the European finance chiefs who fear if Cyprus goes kaput it could potentially destroy the Euro dollar. Run people, run.


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Customer Service Fail

Sheez, when three of Marie Callender’s Washington restaurants were notified by management that they were bankrupt, staff didn’t muck around with formalities, they immediately closed the doors despite customers still eating. Yep,  people who were still munching away on their pies on Sunday afternoon were suddenly told to get up and leave. A group of 25 who were celebrating a birthday were also forced to vacate. A spokesperson for the chain said “It is a well thought-out but a very difficult decision.”

Want sauce with that?


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Seems Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo may be facing bankruptcy. The baton which was passed to young Bindi, following the unexpected death of Steve Irwin five years ago, has failed to bring in the much needed bucks to keep the dream alive.With news that 22 staff have been let go due to a slump in tourism, rumors are abound about mismanagement  and millions wasted on bad planning. Hmm, where were the wildlife warriors during the Queensland floods? If Steve were alive, he’d have been the first one in there helping with the animal rescue efforts and reminding us about all the little creatures who were suffering too. All I see  the Irwin’s doing these days  is plugging cake mix and flogging “straight to DVD”  Bindi movies.  It might be time to consider bringing Steve’s dad back and fix the mess.

Psst Hey Gillard, hows about a Save Australia Zoo levy?


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How Much Before You Are Officially Bankrupt?

If you haven’t got anything to worry about today here’s something that might do the trick. American analysts think the US government is lying hiding the truth about how much debt the country is in. The official sum given by the Congressional Budget Office says $US13.4 trillion but the real figure could well be $US200 trillion. How’s them apples. Might want to start learning Mandarin people.

Psst Does this mean Oprah won’t be coming to Australia?


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King of Chavs

Winning £9.7million in the lottery, priceless. Losing it all in an 8 year spending spree, even more friggin priceless. Michael Carroll (26) is keen to get back to work as a binman (garbage collector) after squandering his multi million dollar fortune on gambling, drugs and prostitutes.Known as the “King of Chavs”, Carroll says ‘I’m just glad it’s over. There were also vultures everywhere after my cash. I started to see what people were really like,’.Carroll now lives off £42 a week in jobseeker’s allowance after declaring himself bankrupt.


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