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Sneaky Sneakers

O Oh, the Japanese police are onto you tosatsu shoe owners, hand them over and go quietly before your family finds out. The “tosatsu shoes” aka voyeur shoes, have built-in hidden cameras that are designed to film up women’s dresses. The Police not only raided the supplier and confiscated their stock but also obtained the mailing list of their customers. Run little voyeurs with your pumped up kicks!!


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Stop Drinking The Petrol

No petrol, no high

No petrol, no high

A man from Cleveland has been banned from going near any garage pumps after he was caught drinking petrol …again. The addict loves nothing better than slashing the hose and taking a drink or sniff of gasoline before doing a little jig while high as a kite. A few years back he tried beating the habit by attending meetings but was kicked out due to the stench and the fear he posed a fire risk.

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Jesus Banned From Darts

jesusA word of warning to any British man intending to play darts in a competition in Somerset. Forget it if you have long hair, a beard and look like Jesus .Seems it is rather distracting especially when the crowd begins to chant “Jesus, Jesus”. The poor guy was blocked from the event by two security guards before he could even get through the door. Last year he was ejected after the crowd got overly enthusiastic with the Jesus chanting and put the other players off.


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Cancel Trip To San Diego The Marshmallow Fight Is Off

Out of my way, he's been shot by a MoonPie

Out of my way, he’s been shot by a MoonPie

Look away Fraz, Binky, Winky and Twink, San Diego city officials have cancelled the annual 4th of July marshmallow fight. OMG, NOOOOOOOO.  Oh and get this, their reasons are to a) prevent littering and b) prevent the use of harmful objects.Bwahahaha, since when has a marshmallow been deemed a harmful object, now running with the bulls, yes, but mallows, no. This is rich coming from a country that is allowed to carry concealed weapons. Hmm, unless they use marshmallow bullets…that could hurt? Bwahahaha  no it couldn’t. Anywho, local businesses have been told to quit selling marshmallows. It’s cruel I say, cruel. How about a Gummy Bear fight instead?


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Eh Bro Ya Banned Me Ad

A Kiwi commercial with kids talking about their dad’s  drug driving habits has been banned. It’s friggin hilarious …


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Maybe Not Meet Me In St Louis, Louis

Sale of condoms banned in St LouisHands up who knew that since 1934 the sale of condoms have been banned in St. Louis? Hmm, me neither but it would explain the high rates of sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancies….just saying. Anywho, the city is working on overturning the stupid law. As you were….

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Skimpy Bathers Banned From United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates bans skimpy swim suitsPack away your bikinis and budgie smugglers would-be United Arab Emirates travellers because  they are planning to ban you from wearing skimpy swim suits on their beaches. Seems you are upsetting the locals who can’t take the muffin tops and wobbly bits any longer.


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