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Drinks Are On Me

Welcome to the coolest funeral home in the world. The Monahan Funeral Home in Providence has been granted a liquor license so they can open an Irish pub inside. The bar will be called McBrides , will seat up to 60 people and serve pub grub. Oh yeah!


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It’s Our Shout!

OMG, a Spanish man walked into a bar carrying the head of his dead girlfriend in a bag. He sat down and had several drinks with his friends telling them he had decapitated her. He was so calm no one believed him, despite having blood on his shirt. After leaving the bar (and the head in the bag by the bar)  he climbed up an electric tower, got zapped, plunged 30m and died. Meanwhile the friends took a peep into the bag ……


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Oh Deer!

Like I need to get more pissed!!!

OK, for starters, EWH! A drunk man walked into a bar in Jacksonville and proceeded to spray the place with deer urine, sending patrons fleeing for fresh air.Evidently the smell was awesomely putrid . When questioned, Joshua Aaron Brunke told police a friend had offered him $20 to take the bottle of deer piss and spray it inside the bar.

Psst How the hell did he get the deer to piss into the bottle?


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Pulling The Piss

I'll have another of the same!

Adolfo Mosmann, a student from Brazil, was arrested after allegedly leaving two cups of urine on a bar at the House of Blues in Orange County. Adolfo was original thrown out but returned later wearing a different shirt. He then urinated in the cups before leaving them at the bar where people were drinking.


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Hitler Walks Into A Bar

Oh for goodness sakes Steve Staso, dressing up as Hitler in a Hell’s Kitchen bar to watch Germany vs Argentina during the World Cup, not friggin smart. Yes, the fake Führer, complete with mustache and swastika armband,  gave the Nazi salute and shouted “Deutschland!” and “Heil Hitler!” throughout the match as Germany annihilated  Maradona’s boys. Hmmm, needless to say his Aryan antics went down like a cup of cold sick but it didn’t stop him remaining in character for the whole game! Staso defended his decision by saying “The point is to have fun. You can’t have fun anymore,”


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