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Barbie Can’t Play Today She Has PMS

Barbie's being a bitch, I think I might just walk the dog

Barbie’s being a bitch, I think I might just walk the dog

Oh for the love of…. seems Barbie has jumped onto the feminine hygiene bandwagon by offering a “period party” accessory kit that includes “one educational pamphlet, one pair of panties to fit Lammily doll, 18 reusable coloured pads and liners stickers and one calendar with dot stickers”. Thank god there aren’t any tampons…just saying.


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Ken, Is That You?

coughOK, I’m not sure I can even picture this. A barefoot man dressed as Barbie allegedly tried to sexually assault a woman in a retail store bathroom. The man in the Barbie doll costume squeezed under the locked stall door and grabbed the woman, who somehow managed to flee the loo. Damn, where is GI Joe when you need him?

Psst Seriously, do they even make Barbie Doll costumes for men?


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Barbie’s Midlife Crisis

She was always over rated

OMG, Barbie has been put on the shelf (figuratively speaking), seems no one wants to play with a 50 something, divorced, blonde doll no more. Global Barbie sales are down 6% while sales of American Girl brands was up 4%, creating a mini collapse in  Mattel share prices. Hmm, maybe it’s time to unleash the senior cit Barbie? Give her a few more wrinkles and  a sagging arse and she’ll be good to go.


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Useless Friggin Information

22 cigarettes were smoked in the movie Casablanca. (That’s not many!)

Ewh, Burt Reynolds was originally going to play Hans Solo. (Carrie Fisher was lucky!)

One pile of dog poop attracts on average of 144 flies. (So who was counting?)

Barbie’s last name is Roberts. (Hmm, before or after her divorce from Ken?)

On the US dollar bill, there is an owl in the upper left-hand corner of the “1” and a spider hidden in the upper right! You don’t believe me do you? Check it out.


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