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RIP Barney

Remember George W Bush’s adorable Scottish terrier, Barney? Well sadly, Barney passed away over the weekend. He will best be remembered for his guarding of the South Lawn entrance of the White House like a Secret Service agent and his Christmas videos. RIP.


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Rabbit Resuscitation Anyone?

Rabbit resuscitated after being thrown in riverWhen some jerk threw a homeless guy’s pet bunny over the Dublin bridge into the Liffey it looked like the rabbit was a goner. But John Byrne, who had been living on the streets since he was 14 , didn’t hesitate in jumping in after his beloved pet, Barney. When John finally got to the poor rabbit he discovered Barney  had stopped breathing so he swam to a ledge under the bridge and gave him mouth to mouth. Barney eventually spluttered back to life. As for the evil doer who threw the bunny into the Liffey, he got 4 months detention.


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