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Im Gonna Get Me A Pirate

Well, hello ladies!

Well, hello ladies!

Make way for the new pseudo rich, the CUPs (cashed up Pirates) are in port. Seems the hottest catch in town is a successful Somali pirate. Eligible (and I assume some that aren’t) Somali women are flocking to the port town of  Basaso in the hope of snaring themselves a rich hubby. A Somali pirate is a perfect catch, job only keeps him away a short time and he is guaranteed to bring home the bacon $US, thanks to ransom paying white dudes.My goodness, it is like an Aladdin’s cave out there. Grab your buddies, some rubber dinghies, a few high powered weapons, put on a scrowly face and find yourself a super tanker. The rest is basically negotiation, so pick a good team leader. And think girls, if you play your cards right you’ll have your very own pirate just like Keira Knightley!


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