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Strike One You’re Out

A blonde Hooters ballgirl had a seniors moment when she picked up a live baseball and tossed it into the crowd.


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Hey, Anyone Seen My Nuts?

An attention seeking squirrel has been having fun at the ball game. Not once but twice.

Psst These vids compliments of His Queen.


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Worst Baseball Call Ever

OK Loons, I don’t profess to being an expert on baseball (hell, I don’t even watch it) , but WTF,Armando Galarraga throws the perfect game and it gets ruined by a poor umpiring decision. The ump might want to be sleeping with one eye open for awhile. Hmm, had the call been correct, Galarraga would have been the 21st pitcher to have thrown a perfect game. Now he is going to be remember as the poor chump who so very nearly, almost, kind of, threw the perfect game.


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President Obama and His Mom Jeans

Holy Jessica Simpson Batman, get the president on the line…hmm wait! WTF, President Obama has a pair of mom jeans. Dear god I hope he isn’t thinking about wearing them in public, wait, what, oh no. Geez man, didn’t you see what happened to poor Jessica when she donned her comfy denim. Like lamb to the slaughter. Oh and Obama, next time you decide to wear your mom jeans don’t be throwing like no girl either, Imadinnerjacket maybe watching.


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