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Pet Seized By Police

Oh for the love of wildlife, a man in Chicago has had his pet seized by police. Evidently, having an alligator in your basement for 26 years is wrong. The 6ft, 200lb creature was bought as a bub at a swap meet and had been living in the guy’s Chicago basement ever since. The owner told police he often let him roam around the backyard. Hmm, there is a charge of unlawful possession of an endangered species right there.

PSST Are you thinking what I am thinking? There must have been a very big newspaper…or one hell of a mess.



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Sleeping With The Enemy

Body found concealed in false wallRemember that New York schoolteacher who mysteriously disappeared about 28 years ago without a trace? Yeah well, stop looking, she’s been found … wrapped up in a sheet and plastic and concealed in a container in a  false basement wall where she lived with her hubby. Oh give it up Sherlock, hubby can’t be charged, he died last year. The teacher is believed to have died from a whack on the head. Her husband was a main suspect.

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Milk Maybe Sour But The Case Is Still Warm

Most people probably won’t remember the first face of a child who appeared on a milk carton way back in 1979. His name was Etan Patz and the case has remained unsolved. Well, that might just have changed, thanks to Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance who reopened the case in 2010. Etan’s parents urged him to re question  Othniel Miller one of two suspects in the disappearance. Seems Mr Miller performed a sudden concrete flooring renovation on the basement shortly after Etan’s disappearance. New York Police are currently digging up the basement as we speak after cadaver-sniffing dogs picked up the scent of human remains. The other suspect, convicted pedophile Jose Ramos (now in a Pennsylvania prison) may also have had access to the basement as he was working for Miller at the time. Etan’s parents have never moved from their home, in the hope their son would one day find his way back and their phone number remains the same as Etan knew it off by heart. Fingers crossed there will be closure for the family.

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What The Hell Are In Those Bottles?

No really, everything's fine!

No need to panic good people of Japan, but it seems the radiation levels in a small area around Tokyo’s Setagaya ward are higher than those around Fukushima. Officials searching for the source found several glass bottles in a cardboard box in someone’s basement which sent the radiation detectors into a friggin fit. Oh, but don’t worry, the local government says there is nothing to worry about and the radiation poses no immediate health threat. Well, that’s alright then!

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