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Great Start To The New Year

drunk3A bike rider who rode into the passenger side of a Mercedes as it stopped at an intersection on New Year’s Day responded by bashing the driver and taking off with the luxury convertible. Witnesses said they saw the cyclist and bike fly over the bonnet and straight under the car. The cyclist then yelled to “reverse up” and when the driver got out to see if he was OK the rider went all commando on him, punching him repeatedly in the face before jumping behind the wheel and taking off. To add salt into the wound , the Merc wasn’t his, he had borrowed it from a friend.Oh and did I forget to mention the bike was stolen. Happy 2014.

Psst Sydney


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You Can Act With A Wizard But Don’t Date A Hindu

I’m not a big Harry Potter fan but remember Padma Patil who was one of Harry’s classmates and later became his girlfriend ? Me neither, but anywho the actress Afshan Azad (22), who has played the character in three of the movies was forced to flee her home after her father and brother threatened to kill her. Seems the strict Muslims weren’t happy with her choice of boyfriend, a Hindu.Azad was left battered and bruised after the assault and remains in hiding with friends. Meanwhile the pair have been charged with threatening to kill her. Sheez, she should have used the invisibility cloak!


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Carl Williams Is Dead

They got ya!

Geez, there will be quite a few people lined up  for Carl Williams at the Pearly Gates. It is believed the man who ran and terrorized Melbourne’s underworld and inspired the Underbelly series has died of an apparent heart attack after being bashed by fellow inmates. News is sketchy at the moment and his death has yet to be confirmed but is believed the Barwon prisoner was in fact Williams. The  victim suffered head injuries and then went into cardiac arrest soon after. Williams was serving a 35 year prison sentence for several murders and was a key figure in Melbourne’s gangland wars which saw 30 people lose their lives. Stay tuned…

UPDATE Carl Williams is official dead and so too a chapter in Melbourne’s dark underworld history. Williams died from head injuries sustained in an attack. Ironically Williams’ dad is set to be released on parole in three week (3 years early) for good behaviour. He was serving time for drug trafficking. Hmm, now he can attend the funeral. No word yet on who the attackers were but it’s believed to be  two inmates who were sharing the exercise yard with him. A prison guard was reportedly 10 m away. The stem of an exercise bike was believed to be the murder weapon . Ex wife, Roberta Williams is currently on her way to the prison and presumably the morgue.

Psst Williams death comes a day after the Herald Sun revealed Victorian police had paid $8,000 for the private school fees of  Mr Williams’ daughter. Can you hear the sounds of police corruption Fernando?


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Keep The Change

OK, here’s the thing Wichita man, if you pay your drug dealer with monopoly money there is going to be retribution when he finds out. A man bleeding from the head in Wichita, Kansas, told police he had been bashed by an upset drug dealer after he used several hundreds of dollars of monopoly money to buy crack cocaine. He claims he was pistol whipped and punched after they tracked him down a few weeks later but refuses to tell police anymore details.

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