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Epic Parenting Fail

You post a Youtube vid of your snowflake bubble butt dancing in the bath thinking you will get a bucket load of “awwwwwws” but instead you get a whole lotta WTFs.

baby_outrage crop

The reason wasn’t actually the bubble butt twerking bub but more so the mum using an electric appliance to make the bubbles…. Nawww,  a rookie mistake, like a knife in the toaster.



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No More

Kitty is way over bath time ….


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It’s A Dog’s Life

You can’t do this with cats… unless you want a blood bath


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Honey, I Told You It Was A Pup

You find a sick seal pup on a beach in England while taking a walk, what do you do? Hmm, Sling it over your shoulder, place it in the passenger seat of your car, drive it home, plonk it in the bath and try and feed it a can of tin salmon, that’s what. Oh yeah and then ring Sea Life Sanctuary who pick it up, put it in intensive care in the hope they can bring it back to health.


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A Bath Of Eels Can Be A Dangerous Thing!

A little community service announcement  for men. If someone tells you that taking a bath with live eels will make you look ten years younger, make sure you have adequate protection for your penis before attempting it. You don’t want one of those slippery little 6inch suckers squirming their way up your willy then into your bladder, now do you? Poor Vain Zhang Nan knows the feeling, he thought the eels would just eat all the dead layers of skin off his body and not take a joy ride up his penis. Hmm, though I must say he does look a whole lot younger!


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Cat 1, Naked Boy 0

The moral of the story is never drag your cat into the bath while naked or you could lose your balls. I’m just saying.

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Bath Time For Kitty

OMG, a sphynx cat taking a bath… priceless.  My cat taking a bath…. hours at the casualty ward! See Susi Spice cats can be cute!


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You Dirty Rat!

I wanted to make a clean break!

OK, here’s the thing dumbass Texas robber, you do not and I repeat do not, break into someones house and then strip off and have a bath in their tub! Firstly you could get Tinea  and secondly the police are going to have to drag your naked ass out of it and arrest you.


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Honey, Where’s the Dog?

Whoopsie daisy, four year old Daniel Blair decided it was time to give his new puppy a wash, so he took the cocker spaniel into the bathroom and flushed him down the toilet! Hate it when that happens. Lucky for the little pup his absence was missed and a distraught Mrs Blair rang the firefighters. After four hours of desperately trying to find the pooch, Dyno Rod plumbers were eventually called. Using the state of the art cameras they were able to locate the little tyke lying upside down in a pile of neighborhood shit, about 20m from the house. In a desperate effort to ensure the pooch didn’t end up being flushed to kingdom come, all the neighbors were asked to refrain from using their loos until the pup was rescued. The dog was eventually saved and christened little shit Dyno in honor of the plumbers. The vet has given Dyno a clean bill of health, though he is still a little flushed!

As if there wouldn’t be footage of the dramatic rescue. I’m a friggin puppy get me out of here. Hmm, so that is what the inside of a sewer pipe looks like! Bless!


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