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When Your Kids Be Like

Oh dear, when a professor is talking to BBC about South Korean political troubles and he suddenly has some of his own… enter dutiful wife and mother.

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BBC Jimmy Savile Fail

Jimmy Savile BBC failOh deary me, the BBC just can’t take a trick. Some viewers were horrified when a 2001 ep of a kiddies show, featuring a character dressed like disgraced sex offender TV presenter Jimmy Savile, was repeated on BBC TV last week. Awkward. BBC are already under fire for allegedly turning a blind eye to the accusations that the late “Top of Pops” presenter was a serial sex offender (mainly of children).


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My Blackberry Ain’t Working

This was circulating around the Christmas table for my benefit today …..


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Friggin Wildlife

If we could only understand the animal kingdom ……

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The Weather Forecast Has Never Been Such Fun

It’s the BBC ,  it’s live, it’s Nanny State…Tomasz Schafernaker you’re in deep shit!

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The Queen is What?

Not amused!

The Queen is dead ? Hmm and the lesson today is you don’t make “death” jokes about  Queen Elizabeth ever. Oh boy, DJ Danny Kelly is in deep doo dah after announcing on his radio program that the Queen had died. For added realism he also had Britain’s national anthem playing in the background. Unfortunately, not too many people thought the joke was funny, especially the BBC, who were forced to apologize.Kelly later explained he was referring to one of the listeners on the show’s Facebook page who also went by the name “The Queen” and who had suddenly disappeared from the list of people tuning in. Sheez, another career ender!


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You Say Murder He Says Assisted Suicide

OK, here’s the thing veteran TV and radio broadcaster Ray Gosling, don’t be confessing a murder on friggin TV it will only end in tears. When the program “Inside Out” aired on BBC this week Nottinghamshire Police went WTF, Gosling confessed to killing his lover who was dying of Aids with a pillow. Of course there will be an investigation now.

UPDATE : Oh dear, Mr Gosling has been arrested on suspicion of murder. I knew it was going to end in tears!


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