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11 Dogs and A Cat at the Beach


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Honey, I Told You It Was A Pup

You find a sick seal pup on a beach in England while taking a walk, what do you do? Hmm, Sling it over your shoulder, place it in the passenger seat of your car, drive it home, plonk it in the bath and try and feed it a can of tin salmon, that’s what. Oh yeah and then ring Sea Life Sanctuary who pick it up, put it in intensive care in the hope they can bring it back to health.


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Loon Summer

Attention people, a small community announcement. The loon is currently at the beach frolicking in the sun. As you know that means friggin poor Internet connection. So apologizes in advanced for the sad lack of images as I am posting from iPad.No one can hear you scream in cyber space!


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Run People, Run!!!!!

OMG, just when you thought the flockalypse was over, Britain is reporting there are 40,000 dead devil crabs scattered on a beach in Kent. Dear god make it stop!!!!! Damn that Mayan friggin calendar!

OK the body count so far ….

5,000 dead blackbirds Arkansas

100,000 dead drum fish in Arkansas River

2,000,000 fish dead fish wash up at Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

100’s of dead snapper washing up in New Zealand

40,000 dead  devil crabs along the Kent coastline

100’s of dead Jackdaws in a street in Falkoping, Sweden

8,000 dead turtle doves fall from sky with blue stains on their beaks, Faenza, Italy


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Anyone Missing a Leg?

If you have lost a prosthetic left leg with a Willie Nelson sticker on it please  give the Jacksonville Beach Police Department a ring, it washed up on the beach.


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A Little More Than Just Sand In Your Face!

It's OK mister, I'll get you out!

OK, here’s the thing Mr policeman in your SUV, when you are responding to an emergency on the beach, be on the look out for sunbathers lying in  lounge chairs. Marshall Starkman was squished into the sand and left with tire marks on his back after officer Paul Demarco accidentally ran over him as he raced to help a surfer in distress. The SUV squashed him so far into the sand the chair almost disappeared. Mr Starkman is in hospital with a fractured spine and a broken rib. The dangers of sunbathing I guess!

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