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Let This Be A Warning

If you had $100,000 would you “invest” it all on Beanie Babies ?  Good lord no. Well some family did and now they are bankrupt. The family were so obsessed they would even down Happy Meal after Happy Meal at McDonalds to get their hands on Teenie Beanies. The motivation was the belief that the dressed up bears would eventually be sought after by collectors and would fund their kid’s college tuition. LOL. Anywho, the dad made a doco a few years back about his fall from the high chair ….


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Give The Girl Back Her Toys

OK robbers, for crying out loud, how many times have I told you, stealing a little girl’s Beanie Babies is no way to go through life…meanies! Scott Napolillo (18) and Sean Knapp (18) got on their bikes and rode to a house in St Cloud to collect a debt. They threatened to stab an unnamed man if he didn’t pay $130. Of course he had no cash, so Napolillo ransacked the house, packing a black bag with 13 AA batteries, 9 Nintendo video games, 6 Beanie Babies, a souvenir baseball bat and a cell phone (and a partridge in a pear tree!!!). Police later spied the two as they rode their bikes against traffic and cut off a car. When confronted about the content of the bag they told police they were items to settle a debt but the victim later told police the Beanie Babies and the Nintendo games belonged to his 7 year old sister.

Want sauce with that?

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