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This Is What The Bear Would Have Looked Like

The silliest news story you will see all day. WJW Fox 8, a Cleveland news station, reported on a bear sighting by using a cardboard bear cutout to recreate the event. Priceless.


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Man Got A Good Slapping

I didn't slap him hard!

Oh dear, do you know what’s worse than being slapped by a bear? Being slapped with a “feeding the wildlife” fine. In December Ernest Stamm opened the door to his house and got slapped across the face by a bear. But when authorities investigated the incident further they discovered Ernest had been feeding bears with left over food. So they slapped him too, but this time in the wallet.


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Friggin Goldilocks

Sorry officer, my bad?

Sorry officer, my bad?

A couple in Colorado rang police after their car alarm went off and they saw someone moving around inside. When the police arrived at 2.30 in the morning they discovered the culprit was a young bear who had managed to open the door and rummage around inside. Busted! Only problem was the door closed on him and he didn’t know how to open it. Dumbassed bear. Never mind, he had a good old time ripping up the upholstery in the meantime. Hmm, moral of the story is one should never leave food in the car during hibernation, those bears get real hungry. Fail.

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There Is One In Every Family!

Oh for crying out loud son!

Oh for crying out loud son!

It’s more than a bear can bear. Nothing more embarrassing for a bear than having a bird feeder stuck on your head, now is there? The bear cub and it’s bemused mom fended off attempts by Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources officers to remove the offending object. Instead mama bear chewed it off her yougins head, leaving it in little biddy pieces!


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