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Bearman Challenge 2015

Yes, it is that time of the year again where we aim to strip Bearman bare.  Our toon man is preparing to hand over hard cold cash to various charity organisations in exchange for a link to his blog Beartoons.com.  Seriously loons, we need to make this dude pay for what he has done to me .

Bearman's Kim Jong Friggin Loon



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How Much Can You Bear?

grizzly-bearYes loons, it is that time of the year again when we poke the Bearman out of his hibernation and make him hand over his rations to the Cincinnati FreeStore Foodbank.

To make the Bearman poor click here  …..  cashless bear



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Help Bearman Go Broke

It’s that time of the year again when Bearman , that silly sausage, throws out his charity challenge. If you want to make a difference to this cold, cruel world and also send Bearman to the cleaners, just click here Beartoons and follow the instructions.

Bearman Charity challenge


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Patty’s Awesome Old Fashioned Popcorn

Some of you may not have heard I won a tin of Patty’s Old Fashioned Popcorn from a Bearman competition a few weeks back. Yay me. Anywho, it finally arrived, which is remarkable considering Bearman used friggin popcorn to pack it. Hello, Australian Customs have a serious uber food restriction policy. Sheez Bearman, I could have ended up on Border Security!!!  Luckily I realized it was popcorn packing before I began scoffing it . But the bonus is I have kept it to regift to Susi Spice (shhhh just don’t tell her). I can’t believe how enormous American popcorn is, talk about supersized. I chose a mixture of Patty’s cheese and caramel popcorn which was simply mouthwatering. Thank you Bearman for such a marvelous taste treat. It is nearly worth getting on a plane and heading to friggin Ohio home of Bearman just to restock my popcorn.

Claudius smelled something was up

Claudius smelled something was up

WTF, this ain't kitty treats

WTF, this kitty litter is weird

Patty's Old Fashioned Popcorn arrives

It's a Bearman toon!!!

It’s a Bearman toon!!!


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Dear God, New Kitty Is Obsessed With Bearman

Nooooooo!!! My new Kitty, Claudius , is obsessed with my computer and in particular Bearman’s website.  It’s a cruel and  unfair world we live in.

My cat is obsessed with Bearman

Bad kitty



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The Bearman Has Gone AWOL

At first I thought it was one of his silly toons but no, he’s gone. Bearman where the hell are you? Hmm, maybe he’s found a way to block me????



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Pass It On

Check out how you can use this image to help fund raise for cancer. Yep,  that little charity bear is at it again….Bearman Cartoons.



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While Bearman’s Away!!!!

Hey psst everybody, Bearman has left his blog unattended for a week, it’s time to party at Beartoons. But sssh Loons, don’t wake him, you know how grumpy he gets.


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WTF Bearman?

I told Bearman I look fat in Khaki!!!!!  Dear Leader begs all loons to go over to that dissident’s blog and give him a piece of my mind!!!! You heard me, NOW!!!!!!!  That’s  Bearman.com


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Does A Bear Scratch in Cincinnati

Hmm, according to some friggin exterminator survey the US city most infested with bedbugs  is …..close your eyes Bearman…Cincinnati.  Itch much?

Psst Don’t forget to check out Bearman’s Charity Challenge. No silly, it’s not to raise money for a new mattress for Bearman (let him itch), its for people in need! Ca-ching, another 10 buckaroos thanks Bearman!!!

Wants sauce with that? Blahaha, note how the news article doesn’t even bother to use Cincinnati in it’s headline!


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