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If You Go into the Woods Today

Yellow-RibbonPlease make sure you don’t misbehave or your parents might just boot you out of the car and leave you in a bear infested forest. A Japanese family are distraught after they punished their 7 year old for throwing stones at cars and people by kicking him out of their car on a mountain road. Despite returning after a short time the boy was nowhere to be found. It has been three days and still no sign of him. Search parties are worried that he may have been taken by a bear, picked up by strangers or has succumbed to the harsh conditions. Its a lose/lose for the parents. If anything has happened to him they will never forgive themselves and if he is found alive they will spend their lives making it up to him.

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Bears With Sore Heads

A Norwegian mother bear and her three cubs broke into a cabin and got wasted on 100 cans of beer before trashing the place. The party ended after they smashed the beds, oven, cupboards, shelves and kitchen appliances.

Psst Hang on just a minute, the owners say the bears also ate all their  marshmallows, honey and chocolate spread …. FRAZ!!!!!!!


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Beached Az and the Gangsta Bears

Hmm, just when you thought it was safe to get beached with a New Zealand whale, a new cartoon has reared it’s ugly head. Eh bro.

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Roadkill Alert!

Geez, that was close!

Oh dear god, do you have to be told? Do not and I repeat do don’t pick up friggin roadkill bear remains off the sides of highways and roads in Florida, it’s illegal. Gross. The warning follows an incident where a dead black bear was removed butchered, skinned and it’s meat cut into steaks by a group of men who wanted to hang it’s hide on a wall (Geez, what happened to the friggin thrill of the hunt?). And if you were wondering it’s not the Palin’s, they have an alibi! WTF, bear roadkill steaks…no friggin thanks! Gosh, you wouldn’t have a clue where that bears been or what creepy friggin disease it may have had .  So again leave the friggin roadkill alone!


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There’s A Bear In There

Militants mauled to death by bears

My Bad?

OMG, being a Hizbul Mujahideen militant can sometimes be a bitch, especially if you hide in a cave frequented by friggin bears. Hmm, seems two commanders decided to make there hide-out in a cave in Darwal Nar in Pir Panjal. What they didn’t know was it was already being occupied by some very nasty bears who didn’t take too kindly to terrorists. Needless to say the militants were mauled to death before they could so much as mutter WTF!

Psst The real bummer was their bodies were discovered next to two Ak 47 rifles and some ammunition. See, told you it can be a bitch!


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