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Taylor Swift Gets Kung Fu Kicked At The Grammys

No one can kill Taylor Swift, no one …. LMfrigginAO


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SpongeBob ScaredyPants

What were you saying about SpongeBob SquarePants, Bearman? Sheez, nothing worse than watching Spongebob get whipped by two women! Nasty! That’s all folks!


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It’s Australian Idol’s Fault

Is it me Loons or is there another reason why ex Australian Idol contestant got beaten up? Tom Williams blames a lot of  his woes on the Australian Idol producers for not providing enough support after he was elimination “I was there with all this exposure and it was difficult without any support.” Hmm, but I suspect there is more to it…. Click here.

Psst You can find the whole article here.

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You’re Blocking My View

Guess who just got erased from Santa’s list this year? Jacoby Laquan Smith that’s who. The dude allegedly beat up a quadruple amputee because she was blocking his view of the TV.Yes, he threw his roomie, who has all four of her limbs amputated, out of her wheelchair onto the floor and then punched her over ten times for getting in the way. Charming! It was only after she convinced him they needed ice for her face was she able to get a gas station attendant to ring 911. Mr Smith fled the scene and has yet to be caught.


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There Is No Such Thing As A Free Ride

He looks pleasant enough.

Gregory Oras thought he would try his luck getting a lift to the nearest bar by calling 911 and claiming he was being shot at.When that didn’t work,he rang a few more times adding a broken nose and bleeding ear to his storyline.When the police arrived they realized Oras just wanted a ride, but when denied, he kicked the sheriff’s deputy in the knee. He got a tasering and a charge of misusing an emergency service for his troubles. Oh and nope, he never did get that lift to the bar.


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