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An animal activist was beaten by a duck at a Spanish festival after he yelled at a participant.  The festival sees ducks thrown into the sea and then people swim out to rescue them. Mayor is considering cancelling the event.


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Beaten man arrested for drug possessionWell, if you think you are having a bad day, spare a thought for this poor dude. The Chicago man was walking down the street when someone kidnapped him and then beat the crap out of him. When police found him sprawled out on the ground they found his address and went to search his home. Unfortunately he hadn’t hidden his 170 pounds of cocaine and 50 pounds of marijuana very well. Enter narcotics squad who seized the stash. Seems the dude was wanted in connection with a federal narcotics investigation. Told ya, a very bad day.


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The Moral Of The Story

Man beaten, robbed and left naked on first dateOK loons, I know you hate the whole “moral of the story” thing but please!!! Some dude in Florida got himself beaten to a pulp, robbed and left naked on the side of the road on his first date. Hello, a) you don’t let the woman you met at a convenience store pick you up for the date b) you don’t get in the car if there are two men in the back seat c) for goodness sakes you don’t get out of the car to take a leak when the cars pulls up in a side street. Sheez, can’t imagine what the second date’s going to be like!

Psst The sound you hear is  just me slapping my forehead.


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Rove LA Beaten By Dora The Explorer

You want a piece of me? Bring it on!

How do you know your brand new TV show is tanking? It gets beaten by Dora the Explorer and reruns, that’s how. Poor Rove LA only 39,000 viewers. However on  brighter note Foxtel say they are delighted with the results.

Psst I thought ratings were bad when he was doing the show in Australia why would moving it to LA change that?

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You Can Act With A Wizard But Don’t Date A Hindu

I’m not a big Harry Potter fan but remember Padma Patil who was one of Harry’s classmates and later became his girlfriend ? Me neither, but anywho the actress Afshan Azad (22), who has played the character in three of the movies was forced to flee her home after her father and brother threatened to kill her. Seems the strict Muslims weren’t happy with her choice of boyfriend, a Hindu.Azad was left battered and bruised after the assault and remains in hiding with friends. Meanwhile the pair have been charged with threatening to kill her. Sheez, she should have used the invisibility cloak!


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Little Jail Mix Up

Thirsty, I'd like you to meet...

OK, here’s the thing Hennepin County Jail staff, never ever put a witness in a holding cell with the friggin murder suspect, especially if his name is Jonathan Nicholas “Thirsty” Turner. The poor dude, who hasn’t been named, was probably beaten to a pulp. Hmm, but we will never know because they aren’t releasing any details.

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Ain’t Love Grand

Ok, here’s the thing 28 year old woman, bashing your 77 year old boyfriend with his cane is just wrong. William Herchenrider was found lying on the bedroom floor covered in blood with his girlfriend Kristina  Pongracz lying passed out next to him. It is alleged Ms Pongracz whacked him with his walking cane after a drunken tiff.  Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. He is recovering with severe injuries in hospital and she is probably nursing a hangover at the Blue Ridge Regional Jail in Bedford, Virginia.

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